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Senior Portraits Tips

 TIPS  -

We want your unique senior portrait to be as incredible as you are!  It's important to us that your images reflect every bit of who you are.  Parents are encouraged to come and let us know of any specific requests. Here are suggestions to make your portrait experience a great one.  We will discuss these in your consultation also.

Arrive early - if you show up late or not ready, you will have less time in front of the camera. 

Clothing -

Bring a selection of colors.

Avoid clothing that has wording on it.

Vary the style, one look can get boring.

For girls....vary the dress level, bring some dressy, some medium, and some casual.

For outdoors portraits- remember there won't be a fancy place to change.  Plan to change in the car if needed.

Feel free to bring as many accessories as you want.  Jean jackets, hats, scarves, jewelry, belts, hair accessories, shoes, etc.

Bring a variety of solid colored clothing as well as some stripes, plaids and patterns to add variety and layer with.  The more variety you bring, the better your images will be. 

Some shots are close up and other are full length.  In other words, you wouldn't want a full length dressy shot if you are wearing tennis shoes.

Group outfits on hangers.  We want to avoid wrinkles.  You may want to iron your clothes ahead of time.

Try to stay away from anything baggy that might make you look larger than you are. 

Flesh colored undergarments are best.  Flowered undies and white pants won't work.  Neither will a white bra and black sleevless shirt.  You get the picture!

Hair -Avoid changing your hair style or cutting it right before your photo session.  Your natural hair style is best.  Of course, you can use accessories for different looks.

Jewelry -Best tip is to keep it simple.  We want attention on you and not your mirrored necklace.  It's always a good idea to put your accessories for each outfit on the hanger with that particular outfit. 

Props -Bring 'em!!  Some popular choices are:  sports equipment, uniforms, musical instruments etc.

Glasses -If you can't imagine your portraits without your glasses, we will need to work around glare.  You may be able to get a loaner pair from the doctor without any lenses in them. 

Sunburn/tanning -Avoid sunburn!!!  Tan, yes, burn, NO.  Minimize tan lines too. 

Pets -If you want a portrait with your pet, it is a good idea to have someone bring the pet and then leave after the shot..or bring a carrier to contain them in.  Treats are good too.  Please let us know in advance about pets.  Planning is necessary to shoot with a pet. 

Friends/parents -Friends or parents are welcome.  They can be a huge help.  You can have a few shots with a friend or sibling at no extra charge.

Weather -Unfortunately, mother nature has it's own schedule and if it rains, we will have to change ours.  Clouds are actually better but not the wet stuff.  Our equipment won't survive water and your portraits won't look good anyway.  With today's ability to forecast weather we should be able to know ahead of time if we need to never know. 

Seasons -Your portraits can represent any time of year so don't think you have to wear what is in season. 

Tattoos, scars, braces, and piercings -Just let us know if you want your tattoos to show or not.  Scars will be automatically retouched unless you request them not to be.  Braces?  Let's talk about it in person.


Fingers and toenails - Your nails will show!  And sometimes we do barefoot shots so pay attention to your toes too.  Avoid bright polish. 

Makeup -We suggest you wear your everyday makeup, only slightly heavier than normal.  If you tend to go natural, we recommend a small amount for your portraits to look their best.  Lip gloss is the best!


Clothing - Bring the right shoes for the outfit.  Big bright white tennis shoes don't photograph as well as docs or sandals.  Dark tennis shoes are ok.  Wear a dark t-shirt under a dark shirt and a white t-shirt under a light shirt.  No lettering on your shirts please! 

Shaving - Please make sure you are clean shaven. 

Hair - Be careful of changes right before your portrait session.  Bleached hair does not look good in photographs.  It's trendy and looks nice but won't look so hot in 10 years. 

REMEMBER - if mom gets her nice shot, she is much cooler about letting you get what you want!